Frederick D. Atwood
THE FILE 60,000 tightly edited 35mm.
NATURAL HISTORY Identification, behavior, lifecycles and ecological relationships of a huge variety of vertebrates, invertebrates, wildflowers, nonflowering plants, trees, fungi. Ecosystems and ecological concepts. Aerials. Geology, rocks, minerals. Weather.
RELATED COVERAGE Scenics, sunsets, ecotourism. Science education in the field and classroom. Abstract art in nature. Inspirational images.
SPECIALTIES Extensive coverage of the ecology and typical wildlife and plants of Cape Cod, Virginia, Chesapeake Bay, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador (Galápagos, Andes, Amazonia), East Africa. Tropical nature and nature in suburbia. Abstracts. Birds. Macrophotography of insects and wildflowers. Camouflage. Ethnobiology.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS U.S.: California, Chesapeake Bay, Florida, New England, Pacific Northwest, Rockies, Texas, Virginia. Other: Antarctica, Australia, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Haiti, Kenya, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago.
RECENT COVERAGE Tanzania. Tenth trip to Ecuador.
PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica. Summers in Cape Cod.
CREDITS Magazines: Defenders, National Geographic World, Nature Conservancy, Orion, Spiderman, Sport Fishing, World & I. Books: American Geographic, Black Dog & Leventhal, Capstone, Chanticleer, Childrens Press, Falcon, Franklin Watts, Holt, Image Bank, Key Porter, National Geographic, NorthWord, Nova (WGBH), Reader's Digest, Stewart Tabori & Chang. Author/Photographer: Rocks and Minerals (Todtri, 1997). Calendars: Nature Conservancy (award-winning photo at Roger Tory Peterson Institute). Video/CD-ROMs: Educational Insights, Silver Burdett. Other: Advertisements, brochures, park exhibits, photo galleries.
COMMENTS Atwood is a biology, tropical ecology, field natural history and ornithology teacher who uses slides for class work and presents natural history lectures for all ages. He gives frequent talks about God and nature to church groups. Expert field naturalist, ecotour leader and experienced writer. Available for assigned photo/text packages and as a phototour or ecotour trip leader. Varied ecological research experience.
Frederick D. Atwood
Flint Hill School
10409 Academic Dr.
Oakton VA 22124

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Fred Atwood photographing a badger